11 ways to enlarge your penis without surgery

A man measures the result of penis enlargement

Sexologists recommend trying at least 10 methods of penis enlargement before resorting to surgery. Popular ones include extenders, creams and gels, tablets, injections, soda, jelqing, and more. Let's take a look at each option below.

Gels and creams

The easiest way to increase male dignity is the use of gels and creams. The action of such means is aimed at expanding blood vessels, improving metabolic processes, gradually stretching muscles and increasing potency. Despite the promises of the manufacturers, it will not work to achieve a significant increase in the penis in this way.


Creams and gels are more suitable for increasing sexual desire, arousal and improving potency. As for changing the length and width, this action has a short-term effect.

The means differ in composition, action and characteristics.


Penis enlargement extender

The device is a penile design. The main side of the device rests on the base of the penis, and the other - on its head. The man's task is to gradually increase the distance to the retracted element, thereby stretching the penis. In medicine, the extender is used to straighten the penis.

With regular use of the device for 6-8 months, you can achieve an enlargement of the penis by 20-25%. To avoid damage, it is recommended to buy goods from trusted stores.

Learning device

The set includes a gel and a simulator that stretches the male genital organ. With proper use, you can achieve the following results - lengthening the penis, improving erection, increasing libido and avoiding premature ejaculation. The composition of the cream, as a rule, includes extract of Manchurian aralia, extract of tribulus, allantoin and other components.

The algorithm is as follows:

  • taking a warm shower to relax the penis;
  • gel treatment of the penis;
  • massage the organ for 5-10 minutes.

To avoid ejaculation, you should take small breaks. The frequency of application is from three to seven times a week.


Stretcher - a device that can enlarge the penis

To enlarge the penis without surgery, a special stretcher is also used (used in combination with an extender). The advantage of the method is the increase in length and width of the penis, the possibility of wearing it at home, at work or on the street. Attachment to the leg is allowed, which increases the dynamic load when walking.

With regular use, you can achieve an increase in the male organ by 10-15%. The downside is that stretchers don't work as a primary tool.


Vacuum pump for penis enlargement

The devices are available in two types - vacuum or hydro. In the first case, a special flask is placed on the penis from which air is pumped, and in the second, water is used instead of an air "cushion". Under the action of the pump, the blood circulation of the penis improves and it increases in size. At the same time, an erection appearsand sensations during intercourse worsen.


For a lasting result, daily wearing of the pump is recommended. But you have to be careful because with excessive enthusiasm there is a high risk of skin damage and erection problems.


Doubtful method, since the composition of the preparations contains plant components, such as arrowroot pumpkin, gentian fruits and others. By themselves, they are not able to increase the size of the penis.


For a lasting result, daily wearing of the pump is recommended. But you have to be careful because with excessive enthusiasm there is a high risk of skin damage and erection problems.


The penis can be enlarged with filler injections

Filler injections are available in medical clinics. The method is recommended for unsatisfactory head size. The procedure is carried out in several stages:

  1. Consultation with a doctor in a medical center.
  2. Check for contraindications.
  3. Surface treatment with anesthetic.
  4. Performing an injection in the head with an even distribution of the liquid.

The duration of the procedure is about 15 minutes. Injected drugs are absorbed after 8-12 months. Recovery time up to two weeks. Sex and sports are not recommended during this period.

The disadvantage of the method is that in order to enlarge the penis, you will have to go to a medical center. The procedure is paid, and the result is visible only on a non-erect member. After the penis is aroused, the difference in size is almost imperceptible.

Carbonated drinks

Baking soda is a penis enlargement agent

Theoretically, this drug improves potency, but does not contain components that affect the size of the male organ.

Two methods are used in traditional medicine:

  1. Reception inside. One teaspoon of soda is mixed in a glass of water, after which the resulting composition is drunk. The result is an improvement in erection and prolongation of sexual intercourse.
  2. Double action. After bathing, you should drink the composition prepared according to the above recipe, and in the next step, rinse the penis with the rest of the mixture.

These procedures should be performed daily. But there is no point in relying on penis enlargement without additional exercises.


Jelqing exercises for penis enlargement

Jelqing is considered the most ancient way to increase the length and width of the male penis. Before performing the exercise, the penis should be prepared, for example by warming it in the shower or by massaging it lightly with your hands.


In jelking, two methods stand out – on a wet or dry penis. The first option is preferred due to the lower risk of damage.

A gel or cream for penis enlargement is used as a lubricant. An alternative is cocoa butter, olive or sunflower oil, petroleum jelly, etc. After treating the organ, it is necessary to stretch it down and to the side with the help of the index finger and thumb. The number of repetitions is at least 100.


Hanging a weight on the penis in order to enlarge it

The method is recommended for men who have been using jelqing, extender, pump or other penis enlargement methods for 3-6 months. Without preparation, the use of weights is dangerous and often leads to damage to delicate areas of the skin.

The question is simple. A man fixes a special device with a loop in the head area. Weights are hung on the latter, which stretch the penis and contribute to its elongation. In the future, the weight is adjusted (increased or decreased) depending on the sensations.

The hanging process takes place in several stages:

  • emptying the bladder;
  • massage and heating of the penis;
  • wrapping the organ with gauze or a bandage;
  • installation of a hanger at a distance of about 30 mm from the head;
  • the use of light weight up to 1 kg;
  • stretching for 20-25 minutes with rest;
  • two or three approaches with a break of 10 minutes.

Every month the load increases. During stretching, swinging of the load is prohibited.


Cyberskin penis enlargement attachment

They provide an immediate increase in length and width due to the material of the product. Using a nozzle allows you to satisfy your partner and affect the most erogenous zones.


Applying the method reduces a man's sensitivity. For a partner, this is a plus, because the time of intercourse increases.


There are many ways for a man to enlarge his penis without surgery. But not all of them are effective. The greatest results are achieved by massage, using special kits and a pump. Before stretching, it is worth warming up the penis and thus protecting it from damage.